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About VINTAGE by Trayce Thomas Carr

 Involved in Interior Design for 35 years, Trayce specializes in residential interiors, making homes  welcoming places in which to live. She has shopped in not only the English countryside and the London Markets, but also the French flea market and the countrysides of Provence. She is always looking for a unique, fabulous piece or unexpected treasure, which are sometimes found in the most unusual places. Believing that unique pieces give one's home character and charm, Trayce is on a constant treasure hunt that has lead her to opening VINTAGE by Trayce Thomas Carr, where she offers those unique finds to both shoppers and her clients.

At VINTAGE, along with selling our goods, we offer Design Services! Feel free to reach out on our information page for more details.

In her own words:

"I love details...I think they can be what really makes something wonderful."

"If you do something, do it once and do it well....and then have the self confidence to love what you have done.... something great very rarely goes out of style."

"You will never regret buying a really great piece."

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